Till Kahrs, also known as "The Speak Dr.", has been a Business Communication Consultant for over 30 Years. He is a Best-Selling Author and frequent Guest on National TV analyzing Presidential Debates and giving Communication Skills Tips. Kahrs has consulted with over half of The Fortune 1000 helping companies and individuals improve their Business Communications Skills!

Till's Best Selling Book "Enhancing Your Presentation Skills" is a Business Classic and is now also available as an Amazon Kindle eBook, Apple iBook, and Nook eBook. His DVD and Video/Download "Presentation Skills Mastery" is the #1 Selling Speaking Video on AMAZON! Kahrs Coaches/Consults/Speaks/Trains on a number of different Subjects/Topics and his main areas of expertise are: Public Speaking/Presentation Skills, Sales & Negotiating Skills, Media Skills, Executive Coaching, Business Writing, Telephone Skills, Hiring & Managing Effectively, and General Business Communication Skills!


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