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Till Kahrs, also known as "The Speak Dr." by his clients and media pros, has been a Business Communication Consultant for over 25 Years. He is a Best-Selling Author and frequent Guest on National TV analyzing Presidential Debates and giving Communication Skills Tips. Kahrs has consulted with over half of The Fortune 1000 helping companies and individuals improve their Business Communications Skills!

Till's Best Selling Book "Enhancing Your Presentation Skills" is a Business Classic and is NOW AVAILABLE as an Amazon Kindle eBook, Apple iBook, and Nook eBook. His DVD and Video/Download "Presentation Skills Mastery" is the #1 Selling Speaking Video on AMAZON!

Kahrs Coaches/Consults/Speaks/Trains on a number of different Subjects/Topics and his main areas of expertise are: Public Speaking/Presentation Skills, Sales & Negotiating Skills, Media Skills, Executive Coaching, Business Writing, Telephone Skills, Hiring & Managing Effectively, and General Business Communication Skills!

Here’s what all of this means to you and your associates. Kahrs combines his educational background (including an MBA) along with decades of front-line corporate experience to make any of his seminars/speeches/workshops absolutely relevant and topical to your focused tailored goals. Furthermore, Till’s entertainment background (he’s a long-time member of SAG-AFTRA, and has had a successful career in music) provide for an engaging and memorable presentation earning him the reputation of being an ENTERTRAINER, so your designed focused message will stick!

If The “Red Carpet” Calls-Maybe, It’s Time for Till’s “Media Skills Bootcamp”!








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PLEASE ask us for our Comprehensive Brochure and Outline of all of our Seminars/Workshops, and note that all Subjects/Topics can be delivered as a customized Keynote Speech or Breakout Session.

For more info about *Till Kahrs/Singer-Songwriter/Recording Artist/Music also referred to as "Captain of Hooks" by musical insiders and additional Email Contact information please scroll down to the very bottom of this page.



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Till Kahrs is also a Singer/Songwriter! He's had several hits in Europe as a Signed Recording Artist for Autogram Records and has written songs for many other musical acts. The LA Times called him "Master of Hooks" (aka known as "Captain of Hooks" by industry experts) and praised his "Winning Baritone" after one of his performances at the legendary Crazy Horse Saloon in Santa Ana, California (see below) and after playing at the famed Palomino Club in Hollywood. Kahrs has had the rare opportunity to share his music in Nashville, Tennessee  at The Bluebird Café as well as Tootsie's Orchid Lounge. This passion for music allows him to continue to write songs and perform his music 'live'. Till Kahrs is also the lead vocalist and lyricist for the group BLUE MOON in Europe signed to Marabu Records. To listen to some of Till's music and radio spots/see music videos and TV interviews/watch performances, please search him online or go to the YOUTUBE Channel above!

For Even More Pictures/Press/Music/Videos, etc. PLEASE click on link below:

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